TVT's Story

Ritika Shah started TVT as a simple food blog with the idea of documenting and sharing her experiments with different cuisines of the world. Being a Vegan herself, she always found the availability of healthy foods and recipes as a much-needed and currently missing entity in our world. With that mission, she started sharing healthy, scrumptious, and unique food experiments with her friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers. In a short while, she received overwhelming love and appreciation for her crafts - people wanting to taste her dishes or learn how to make them on their own.


She understood the necessity of packaged foods in today’s modern lifestyle, but questioned whether there can be ones that are healthy and finger-licking good? To address this, she started the journey of TVT as a food brand - Food that is free of chemicals & preservatives with a hope to provide unique, delicious, and healthy products which leave you wanting more.

About Our Jams

There's something crazy about Jams - Sweet & Sticky - the Perfect Treat!


TVT's Natural Fruit Jams are made using the freshest fruits handpicked every morning. Our Jams are made with care, without the use of any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial colors.


Your health has been and will always be our top priority. Hence along with a variety of natural sugar flavors, we are also vested in equally tasty diabetic-friendly options.


Every batch of our Natural Fruit Jams is handcrafted, personally for you. We believe that the impeccable taste of the Jams speaks for itself. But hey don't just take our word for it, try them and let us know the feedback - both good and bad.

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