Jars of ambrosial flavours

Handcrafted by Ritika Shah

What's There in our Jams?



We experiment with quirky ingredients and present you with something quixotic, something surreal. If you are like us, you would mostly be tired of the same old boring flavours offered by brands across the world. We regularly innovate, add new products and flavours inspired by popular spices, chocolates and cuisines and love to present  the same to you so that you can relish the experience. Don't be surprised if you see names like Bounty, Spicy Bell Peppers, Coconut Lavender, Dragon Berry and many more on the menu. These are our lovely concoctions and we are sure you would love them once you try.




What's on your plate is important to us - Our jams are made with completely natural ingredients found in nature. We treat the fruits and veggies used as ingredients with extreme care. No pre-processed pulps and juices are used in preparation of our products. Free of artificial pectin, chemicals and preservatives. Everyone at your home will relish our jams guilt-free.



We value your health without jeopardizing taste. Our jams are crafted with care to meet your dietary requirements. We provide alternatives for everyone, including Vegetarians, Vegans, Jains, and Keto dieters.

We carefully adhere to the no-refined-sugar rule. Only traditional sweeteners such as rock sugar, jaggery, brown sugar, and honey are used in our jams. We don't have any sugar-free jams yet, but we do offer diabetic-friendly jams. If you don't find something which is suited to your health priority, we encourage you to get in touch with us and we will make it happen.



Each product you order is prepared specifically for you. We don't manufacture months in advance and store the products. We ensure that the product you get is hand-made with the freshest ingredients and shipped to you within 48 hours. You will feel the difference the moment you open the jar and that smile on your face is what we crave for :)

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